Hi folks,

As the title says today we will talk about how to get WhatsApp iOS 10 Emoji pack for your whatsapp for android. There are lots of different emojis on WhatsApp for iOS 10 which you can get and use on your android's whatsapp. The process is simple follow the steps and will surely get it :

[Video Tutorial]

*Xposed Framework Installed
Step 1. Download & Install WA Tweaks App here http://watweaks.alex193a.com/
Step 2. Open WA Tweaks and go to its "Menu" and select "Customize WhatsApp"

Step 3. Now there you will see two options Root and Xposed go to Xposed and scroll down until you see "Replace emojis"

Step 4. Tap on "Replace emojis" and you will get a popup window then choose iOS 10. Emojis pack will autmatically starts downloading and you will use them after successfull download and install.

Step 5. Force stop/close WhatsApp once and reopen again so you will see there are lots of new emojis.