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Xiaomi Mi Watch was announced last month in China with a large battery and eSIM support. However, at the time of launch, the company mentioned that users will have to wait for a few weeks to get [url=
https://www.gizmochina.com/2019/11/06/xiaomi-answers-key-questions-about-the-mi-watch/%22%20style=%22box-sizing:%20border-box;%20background-color:%20rgb(255,%20255,%20255);%20color:%20rgb(47,%20150,%20212);%20text-decoration-line:%20none;%20font-family:%20-apple-system,%20".sfnstext-regular",%20"san%20francisco",%20roboto,%20"segoe%20ui",%20"helvetica%20neue",%20"lucida%20grande",%20sans-serif;%20font-size:%2015px;" target="_blank" style="display: inline; color: rgb(255, 103, 0); text-decoration-line: none;]access to eSIM services from Chinese telecom carriers. Now, it looks like at least one of the carriers, namely China Telecom, has started testing eSIM services in the country, activating calling and data services for the new Xiaomi smartwatch

China Telecom is reportedly testing its eSIM service in 7 pilot cities in China. They are as follows:


There are two types of [url=
https://www.gizmochina.com/2017/10/11/gizmochina-explains-esim-work/%22%20style=%22box-sizing:%20border-box;%20background-color:%20rgb(255,%20255,%20255);%20color:%20rgb(47,%20150,%20212);%20text-decoration-line:%20none;%20font-family:%20-apple-system,%20".sfnstext-regular",%20"san%20francisco",%20roboto,%20"segoe%20ui",%20"helvetica%20neue",%20"lucida%20grande",%20sans-serif;%20font-size:%2015px;" target="_blank" style="display: inline; color: rgb(255, 103, 0); text-decoration-line: none;]eSIM services available on China Telecom right now: Dual terminal eSIM and independent eSIM. In dual terminal eSIM service, you can share your existing mobile number with the eSIM, essentially sharing a single number on two devices. So when you get a call on your smartphone, your Xiaomi Mi Watchwith the eSIM will also receive the call. You can accept the call either on your watch or on your phone. In the case of the independent eSIM service, you have a separate phone number for your eSIM. So your contacts can directly call on your Mi Watch using this independent number. The pricing naturally differs according to the eSIM service you select.

If you recall, Motorola had delayed its plans to release the Motorola Razr clamshell foldable in China because the carriers didn’t yet support eSIM service. However, with China Telecom piloting its service in the major cities in China, we may see the wide-scale launch of the eSIM service in the coming weeks. This should further pave the way for the Razr launch in China.

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