Device Redmi 8A
OS MIUI 11 latest (stable)

Before upgrading to 11, i used miui 10 for 12 hours, testing the android pie OS to see how it all works. All seems okay.

Then i received the notification for system update. After updating, the basic area of testing is fine. But when it comes to internet mobile data changer over between sims it does not picks the connection.

Eg say at first i set to sim 1 for mobile data. If there is a slow connection i may change to sim 2.
So i turn off the data and change the default to sim 2 mobile data.
Once the data default is changed, when i turn on the mobile data, it does not picks the internet, not it show the internet icon next to the respective signal indicator, until i restart the device. Then it picks up properly.
Again if i switch to sim 2 to sim 1 then the same case, it does not picks up the internet until restarted.

Seem like a core issue in the patch MIUI 11.

Any help?