Why random user getting updates with  bugs and some users getting updates without bugs???
After updating 9.2.5 in redmi note 5 pro,  the general bugs are
1. Orientation and gyro scope problem
2. Battery draining problem
3. Poor selfie cam images
4. Screen locking automatically.
Three of my friends own rn5pro.. One has problem 1and 4,
Another one has problem 3,
Another one has problem 2 and 4,
But luckily i dont have any. But all three own same device , which is redmi note 5 pro 4gb 64gb variant, which means same OS, same chipsets, same RAM, same ROM..

And we all 4 updated to 9.2.5 on the same day through OTA,
How is that possible?  all three were getting different different bugs..
Can anyone explain what's going on behind?