All thepresentations with bright light are appreciated by everyone. Once you triggerevery lumen of the projector, then the picture delivered will be more brightand clear. It is rightly said that larger the lumens, clearer and more vividwill be the picture quality and transparency.

Though thereare specific ways and means through which the brightness of your projector canbe increased, there is always a specified limit beyond which the projectorcannot deliver bright images. At the time you witness that your projectorbrightness has reached its limit you can dim the light of the room where it isplaced this can also help you to get brighter images from your favorite outdoor projector or gaming/ home theater projector.

Thefollowing are the ways how to makeyou're projected brighter:-

1.Initially, you should clean the lens of your projector. Mostly the dirt, dustor even a thin layer of the haze present on the projector lens can blockparticular part of the light which somehow reaches to the projector screen dueto which the images delivered are not as bright as they should be.

2. You haveto vacuum the points from where the air enters and moves out, and if yourprojector possesses the detachable air cleaner than just detach it from yourprojector, clean this part and fix it again. If you are using your projectorfor a prolonged period, then there are chances that your projector might beheated and can be cool down with the passing of airflow.

3. Switch onthe lamp level of your projector. Your projector might have either long life,quiet or eco mode. These projector modes have the capacity of saving theelectricity, increase the lamp life and can even minimize the noise of the fanwhich is caused by your projector. All this is done by reducing the load of thepower by sending to the projector lamp, through cutting down the output of thelight. Carrying out this process differs from projectors to a projector; youcan quickly get access to the mode of your projector lamp either navigatingalong menu or by just pressing “lamp” button of the projector remote.

4. Turn yourprojector on to the mode of brightest output. all the modes of video, movie,and cinema minimizes your projector’s brightness output  for delivering the dark pictures, thedynamics irises is opened by the bright and dynamic modes, turn up the brightnessof the bulb and then turn your projector’s pictures brightest.

5. If yourprojector bulb is going to expire then immediately replace it with a new bulb.Most of the lamp works very well till its last warranty period, but there areother bulbs as well which lose their brightness when it reaches its bottomline.

How can you use the output of thelight of your projector in the best way?

1. You haveto curtain all windows of the room. The image delivered by the projector isaffected by the sunlight if it directly falls on the projector screen more thanthe office light.

2. Reducethe lighting of the room which directly falls on the projector screen. Justremember one thing that if you want to view the brightest image then see thatless amount of light is projected towards the lamp of your projector.

3. It isadvised to use the white-colored screened projector. You can also use the graycolored screen, but this colored screen absorbs the specific amount of lightwhich is projected out of the projector.

4. There areparticular projectors which have the specific type of surface which increasesmaximum light which strikes it. You will experience all this if you use aprojector with the highest gain power. But this kind of projector alsopossesses certain drawbacks which are the decrement of the viewing angle of theprojector. So if you want to view the images clearly, then you have to be inthe proximity with the projector.