Hello all,
Some of you might have noticed that some devices have already started receiving MIUI 10 stable ROM update. Xiaomi is following a batch release process for Stable ROMs. The first Batch started receiving by the beginning of September. Stable ROMs will ship to other devices gradually. Currently Beta testing is on going for all devices including Mi Max 2. The Developer ROM can be downloaded from official download portals and may be flashed if you like to experience MIUI 10 early, but this is not recommended as Developer ROMs are clearly BETA builds and might contain major bugs. So we recommend all of you wait patiently and stay tuned to this thread : link .

Additionally there is no official news on any planned release of Android update to Mi Max 2. Users are adviced not to create threads asking for Android update. If there is any such news it will be announced via this forum. Thank you for understanding.
Happy MIUIing .

Madhav V


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