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First I am a teacher rather than a software developer.
Sometimes peoples teasing me, what are you doing man?. For those people only one answer, "you do your job I am doing mine".

In India, when you are try something different from the general public then that path not easy for you. Peoples mentality is that you are mad, the same thing happened to me but that fear gave more strength to me. I was much passionate about studying math and solving tricky logic. In 2010 I have started my Engineering and also taught to the school students and underprivileged kids. While going to college from 9 to 5 and from 6 to 8 tuition classes. At that time I learnt the importance of "Education" because people were ignoring me just because I am from Hindi medium and not good in English as compared to others. In 2014 I have completed my Engineering then entered into the real world of struggling where daily I have learnt a lot from every single human being and implemented that lesson currently in my professional life. Today I am also following the same thing from 9 to 5 my office and in the evening 1 hour teach free online classes.


This journey is not complete without mentioning the name xiaomi India. Xiaomi India provided a platform that helped me every time to learn extraordinary things.  I am working in lots of teams and learning an ample amount of stuff.

I feel happy to solve students problem, even sometimes I feel I am a good teacher as compared to developer ;).

"Education Change My Life"


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