Starting from Year 2016, let me tell you my story of being a student and many more roles which I played during my journey till date.

As you've seen in some of the above stories, I too started my extraordinary life by being an active member for an NGO. I still remember the day we all visited a remote area "Alirajpur" situated on the state borders of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. There I felt the real value of life seeing kids smaller than me(in age) used to swim on a ply board using their footwear to paddle. They lived alone on the hill without parents and so called technology.

Now, as I passed 10th grade, unfortunately I had to go with Diploma in Information Technology. There in college I started being the part of Entrepreneurship Development Cell and actively participated in hackathons.

The day I was selected as Mi Community Moderator isn't forgettable while writing my story of life. Apart from being a student and a NGO member I was now a Mi Community Moderator. Later I got responsibility for one more section.

As I'm student I've been actively coordinating with the E-Cell and Training & Placement Cell of my college. Irony is that I'm active in both of them :p

Apart from that I'm planning to work with  start-up not one or two but more than that like and my personal blog :)

More yet to come!


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