#MorePowerToYou: We want to feature you, tell us your inspiring ‘Do More’ in lif

It was year 2016 when I was in Standard 12. I am of a commerce background and as every ISC student even I had to struggle and study hard to get marks and get into the top colleges of India and to achieve my father’s dream of completing CA. I wasn’t able to follow the regular daily schedule like others of waking up early and studying then school and then again coaching therefore fate had arranged something else more exciting for me.
Year 2016 had been amazing because I had got the opportunity to do something more in life rather than the normal schooling things, I was able to explore the society and share happiness and spread love.
In the beginning of the year I gave my nomination and was elected as the Vice-President of my school senate and had all the responsibility of arranging events and programs of the school and making representation in other school events by preparing a team. This taught me leadership and management skills and gave us a fair-play spirit.
I also used to run an NGO named KSHITIJ which I had formed with the help of my seniors, through which we used to teach the students of Liliput School, (which run on donations) and we also provided them with free books. Also being a part of Rotary club (NGO) member, I kept myself engaged in many social campaigns such as paper drive, road safety etc.  The main reason which forced me into such services was due to the very delicate heart which I have.
Education is an essential for all and imparting our knowledge and spending a few hours for a noble cause isn’t a tough task.

Apart from all these responsibilities and initiatives, I still didn’t ignore the duties I had as a student towards my studies. I completed my entire syllabus and was able to secure a decent percentage. I didn’t think only about myself because I couldn't run from the responsibility of a son and a brother.
I had keen interest towards Swimming and I was able to make a place in ASISC State team with lots of efforts and finally winning a total of gold and silver in the district level and getting a chance for the Nationals.

All the events so long during the year gave me amazing memories and all new experiences. I was able to take a mile extra to fulfill my thirst of exploring new activities. The internal motivation and self-confidence kept me in high spirits due to which I was able to take up all the various challenges throughout the year. Managing all these events made me realize sometimes, Even 24 hours was not enough for a person, if he is dedication towards work and aspiring for self-development. Not only this one major thing that I was lucky to get was the support of my parents!
So it’s not just about doing your normal daily work and to fulfill the dreams of your mind. Listen up to your heart too and take a break or manage time from your life and do work which actually and really satisfies you, so that you get a sleep better than ever experienced.
With one last line I would like to quote:
“Always Believe Something Wonderful Is About To Happen”


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