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Want to hear my story? Well it's more kinda funny yet interesting {:4_87:} So can you just scroll down below {:4_104:}
Hi, My Name is Avinash Gupta currently working as an Application developer in an IT company ( Yes this was my dream Job as I wanted to be a developer ) who is also very passionate about Xiaomi and have some great hobbies like dancing, singing, painting & acting. ( Did you saw the dancers on Common Wealth Games 2010 Ceremony which was held in Delhi? Well I was there {:4_87:} ). So the story and journey of my life start with my school when I was in 7th standard...

We were having French as a Language subject and one day in school one lady singer came to our class and said that there's going to be an audition for French Music Choir, I was very excited as I wanted to take part in it and finally end up getting selected for the same. ( Never thought that I could sing that well {:4_104:} hehe ). We used to go to French alliance in Delhi named "Alliance Française de Delhi" for our practice and I still can't believe that I sang with the French choir ( English toh dhang se aati nahi thi us time aur French me gana ga lia {:4_101:}), on the event day my Mom, Dad and my brother came to join that event and I was very happy to see them happy for me. ( In short, they too were surprised that I could sing Lol ).

Ummm... My singing journey didn't stop here, when I was in 9th class again I got to know that some French Musicians have visited our school and looking for 4-5 students only from entire school, so now I was a bit confident this time for my singing and I went for the audition and Voila! Again I got selected and this time I was really surprised because I was one in the top 4 from my school. Then we were having our practice and training, and I still remember that I used to come home till 1 AM night. So this time there was a big event which took place in "Talkatora Indoor Stadium Delhi" and I was very happy because this time along with my parents, our school principal, VC's came to see our performance. Wew, what a day! Next day at our school our principal called me on stage in an assembly and awarded me with the cash price & certificates.

Now let's come to the dancing part {:4_90:}
I was very ambitious for dancing too ( Although zada kuch nahi ata tha ) and I wanted to learn dancing. One day again in our school we were asked to give audition for dancing, so I went there with my friends and got selected at the first time itself. Then there were so many elimination rounds but I survived till last and got selected as the final team. We used to go "Delhi cantt Army Training ground" where we practice and our Guru was Master Marzi ( Dance India Dance Judge) along with Indian choreographer "Shiamak Davar Sir". Those days were the best days of my life where I used to be with them, talk with them & dance with them. Then the commonwealth games 2010 starts in Delhi and we were performing in the closing ceremony at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi along with Kailash Kher, Taufiq Qureshi, Sukhwinder Singh, Shiamak Davar, Shubha Mudgal, Shankar Mahadevan, Ila Arun, Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Usha Uthup and Sreeram. That was the best and unforgettable night of my life.


After school, I was having a keen interest in coding and development so I did my graduation in B.Tech CSE and got placed in an IT company as an Application Developer. All this journey and achievements would not be possible without the help and guidance of my parents who helped and supported me for everything I did.
Now, along with my regular 9-6 job, I am also a part of Xiaomi.
When I saw the Mi Community for the first time, I talked with myself and said that "I also want to be a part of this big team (specially Moderator)" and started my journey here by getting selected as Resource team member and finally becoming Moderator. I am so much passionate about Xiaomi that I wanted to attend every single meet, event so that I could meet the whole team and have a further conversation because I like to be with the team and work with the team.
I am also a youtuber and have my own channel ( Easyways ), where I post videos about rooting/flashing, unboxing/review etc. Along with my youtube channel, I also run a Website ( Smart gadgets) where I post about the latest news and gadgets ( older website, I am working on a new one ).

So this was my story and the things which I achieved while I was going to school and studying. And now also am doing a lot of another work side by side with my professional job. So I just wanted to say that
"If you are ambitious and passionate about something then keep on trying and I can assure you that One day you will achieve your goal"

Thanks for reading {:4_104:}
Avinash :)


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