I am a simple general Indian, works in semi gov service but when I feel something odd in daily routine, wrong in social or administral system I appose and not only gave solution but works as possible from my side for that.
I send a suggestion to gov for pollution control,
the municipal vehicles are old and polute morning hours which are Heathier hours for people, all doing morning walks, exercise at that hours. it's because the weather/air is useful to oxidized body. but municipal vehicles at all cities (whole India ) made pollution in exact that time. also the vehicles are old and made lot of stops in every door, unwanted start of engine there, made multiple time loss in very short duration. so I suggest avoid traditional transport and replaced it with electric or manpuling vehicles (as used in early days) it made an healthy environment and made work to more needy hands. and now from such innovative initiate from mi India today I made appeals to convey my idea to Central govt of India.
many of respiratory patient get benefits from this. thank u xiaomi for made such social based campaign. and gave chance to clear people's views.