#MorePowerToYou: We want to feature you, tell us your inspiring ‘Do More’ in lif

Hello Friends this is SURYA PRAKASH GAUTAM, today i tell you most inspiring story of my life.How i facing more embarrassing by smartphone and what i do for that problem and how i face many problems to achieving my Goal, So lets start:-                 
        2 year ago i not have any smartphone and always think about that how to purchase a smartphone. my all friends use a smartphones all time and they didn't give me for using it and make my jokes all time that i have not any smartphone and i feel always shy.

Then after few weeks i decide and take a action just like a hero that i do a part time job and save money for purchasing a best and high performing smartphone. Then i start part time job at a restaurant and their i do my job for 2 year. In this 2 year i face many type of problems like family and personal related and my mant savings money are spending to solve these types of problems and i thinking that i never purchase a smartphone but i always focus on my Goal and always done hard work for saving money. After facing all type of problems i save enough money for purchasing a smartphone. But one problem is now born that is which smartphone should buy and then i start searching a best smartphone.
After searching till a couple of week sitting on tea stall and i heard the sale of Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro from 23 November 2018. And then guess what, I purchased that Smartphone in first sale and that day i am very happy. When my phone is delivered me, my friends cheer me that day And i get my GOAL.
This incident is change my life an di alway think i do anything in this world and this incident is become a inspiring story in my life.               
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