This is Devyani Sharma here.
I play cricket at the state level,being a cricketer is a challenging job everyday you have to keep working harder and harder!! I dream to play for India one day.I wake up everyday to succeed,leaving all the frustrations behind to be the best and the greatest,my journey started off as an eleven year old excited to play the game of bat and ball,I grasped all the basics well in time!When I showed up for the state trials for the first time I was well prepared and made it to the state matches.I keep working hard to accomplish my goal I have a MI Band 2 which helps me do it in a better way and track my physical activities!Yes I've lost many times but I told myself that yes the Sun will rise again tomorrow and my time will come I will be able to do whatever I want.When I couldn't score runs I told myself to keep patience and keep working hard and SKY IS THE LIMIT.My motivation mantra is "Shoot for the moon,even if you miss you'll land in the stars!" Thank you Xiomi for contributing in this beautiful journey with your electronic gadgets which help in tacking my physical fitness your contributions surely mean a lot.
I've attached a picture of myself playing the straight drive!!
Thanking You.
               Future cricket star;