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[#2What if] Headphone jack is removed from your smartphone?
Hello Mi Fans,
Welcome to the What If? Series, in this series we will talk more about the technology improvements or the new innovations which make you rethink your opinions, Today let’s talk "What If the headphone jack is not there on your smartphone?"

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Avengers Custom Firmware for Mi Band 3
Hello Mi Fans,
Xiaomi is the No. 1 wearables company by shipment volume in Q1 2019, according to IDC and Mi Band 3 achieved the great success.
As you all know that only 3 screens are available by default in Mi Band 3 but you can flash Custom Firmware to change the theme.
In this thread, I reviewed Avengers themed Custom Firmware and also mentioned how to flash it. So. let’s get into it.
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[Custom ROM series] Treskmod Omni for MI A1
Hello Mi Fans,
I am back with another custom ROM called Treskmod Omni for MI A1. which is an android pie 9.0 ROM and Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) with some of the CAF files inclusion which increases the smoothness of the ROM. This ROM has the best battery life which I got more than any other custom ROM's which I have used so far. Let's see what are the features and step by step procedure for flashing this ROM and finally, do note that I don't own this project all credits go to developer Now let's get started.
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[Unboxing With Runal] Unboxing Mi Earphones Basic (with Mic) - Designed for India
By: Runal
Hi Mi Fans,
Here I am back with another interesting product to Unbox on My Column "Unboxing With Runal". Today we are unboxing Mi Earphones Basic (with Mic), Designed for India. Without further wasting time let's start unboxing. You can buy it on mi.com
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[Tech Class] Chapter 81: All About Quantum computing
Hello Mi Fans,
I hope you guys are having loads of fun here in Mi Community. We are again back with the Tech Class session. In today's 'Tech Class Chapter' we will know more about Quantum computing.
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