Mission #07 - Capturing the Uncaptured, give likes to win BIG!

Stretch it Looong!

Long exposure shots look cool, isn't it? Well, for the sake of humanity, I've put on the new dragon to some tests where I checked how well does the device handle long exposure shots. The ISO was set to minimum and with a selfie stick (Jugaad), I went on my way to take some long exposure shots. The first scenario was a very obvious road with vehicle's light trails. Had to try a couple to times to figure out a decent shot because the selfie stick was unstable at times. But with a tripod, things will be butter smooth. The next scenarios were indoors with some artificial lighting and the results are lovely. I bet you'll fall in love with the camera and the light trails are seamless. I'm impressed with every bit of the camera performance.

Pic: 01

Pic: 02

Pic: 03

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