I bought my phone on 3rd July, 2019 and after opening the box noticed the phone was manufactured in October 2017. A difference of almost 2 years!

Although the battery is still good but it drops after 30-40%. I don't use my phone for more than 2hrs on average and close all apps whenever I finish. Yet, despite charging to almost 99% it drops to 30% within 24hrs. Even my Moto X Style with 3300 mAh battery and Samsung On8 3000 mAh last up to 2 days easily while Max 2 is a 5300 mAh brand new battery it should last 3 days easily!

I have also used third party apps like Accu Battery and it shows estimated capacity as 4700 mAh versus design capacity of 5300 mAh. No battery can retain charge for almost 2 years without resulting in some dead cells and loss of batt capacity.

Has anyone else faced this issue?