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Today I’m back with yet another informative thread. Have you ever thought or experienced what to do when your Android Phone is not turning on ? If you are an android techie though there are still chances things go beyond your android tech skills. So in this thread we are going to take a look on what can be the reasons your android phone not turning on and how to get it back to android life again.

What Can be the Common Reasons

  • Did you get it wet ?
  • Are you having a faulty adapter or charging cable ?
  • Is there any dirt or dust stuck in your charging slot ?
  • Have you encountered any power button issues before in your phone ?
  • Is my device battery dead ?

As discussed above, this issue can be caused by any serious hardware damage or any of the above listed reasons.Spotting out the exact reason (for ex: Fault adapter, water damage etc)  is the primary thing which will help us to proceed to the next step accordingly and troubleshoot that according to the situation. Unless we spot the exact reason we will be stuck and we will not be having an idea which troubleshooting step needs to be performed in that situation. Now let’s see what are the troubleshooting steps which needs to be performed once you spot the exact reason.

Troubleshooting Steps Which Needs to be Performed :
1.If you got your Phone Wet

This can be the most common reason for an android phone not turning on. Remember if you have encountered any situation where your phone got wet or you dropped it. If your phone is wet and if you are trying to switch on that wet phone then there are chances for short circuit in your phone. Once you spot the reason that your phone is wet then please take it to your nearest service centre.

2. If you are having a faulty adapter or charging cable

Troubleshoot your charger : Use the charger and cable that came with your phone and please check whether that charger and cable are working by trying them with another device.

3. Is there any dirt or dust stuck in the charging slot

Check whether dirt, dust or any other solid particle is stuck in the USB port on your charging cable or your phone’s charging port. If you find anything please remove it with the use of compressed air and you should be very careful doing this as the connections are very delicate.

4. Is there any issue with the Power Button

Remember if you have encountered any power button issue in your phone before. If yes then there are chances your power button is faulty and it is better to visit the nearest service centre in this case.

5. If the issue is with your battery

Once you confirm that charing adapter, cable is working fine and the above issues are not the reason for your phone not turning on then now  it’s time to turn your attention to your phone’s battery. In this case check if your battery is receiving Power or not, if you see a red light flashing then keep your phone on charge for 40-50 mins then try again. If you do not see any battery indication then it’s time to say RIP to your battery and proceed with replacement of your battery.

6. Try troubleshooting from your computer

Only try this if you are not able to get your device to boot. Below are the steps which google offers :

  • Connect your device with Computer via USB cable
  • Wait until it gets charged for 20-30 minutes and then disconnect the cable from your smartphone. Now reconnect it back within 10 seconds of disconnecting it.
  • Now keep your device for charging for further 25-30 mins.
  • Now press and hold the power button for 5 mins then tap restart on your screen.
  • If your device does not restart then hold the power button for a further 30 seconds.

So Mi Fans these are some of the tips which needs to be followed if your phone is not turning on. Let me know your thoughts about these tips in the comment section below. Thank You for Reading and will catch you guys with my next interesting thread.

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