After using for few days, i found that the same wifi network connected to note 7 of me is drawing 40mbps while my new mi8 is harldy showing 5mbps on speed tests.
Also, i had serious issues with face unlock. Even if i didn't stare at the camera, my side view is also unlocking my phone.
Sometimes, bluetooth disconnects automatically with my band4 and I'll not recieve any notifications.
Mi instant messages or mi message is also having some issue. In my device it's not activating my 1st sim and it's doing only the second sim. I replaced the sim and found, only jio has been added and bsnl is not getting activated. I tried almost 15 times losing Rs. 1.2 for every time to activate.
These are some issues which i came across. Hope mi team will look after them and fix them or suggest some trobleshooting steps at the earliest.