The Mi smart water purifier with its Minimalist Design Makes your kitchen looks stylish and smart.

The biggest USP Of this water purifier is Evident In its name. This is a smart water purifier, and what that means is this ( Mi water purifier can be remotely Controlled And monitored with the help Of mi phone app.) Mi phone app is free available in android/ios both!

Key Features

• 5-stage Purification With RO and in tank UV

• Change the filter by yourself in just 30 seconds Without the help of a Technician

• Real-time display Of TDS level Both the incoming and purified water

• Monitor and control the in real time with the help of Mi home apo

• The In-tank UV purification removes the slightest Possibility of microbial contamination

• Storage tank of  7  Liters and automatic Water level director

Xiaomi is not just into phones they are involving many nee things that will help us to easily make our life comfortable.