Hello!I am developing a project and currently I am fetching data from sensors(TYPE_LINEAR_ACCELERATION, TYPE_GRAVITY, TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD, TYPE_GYROSCOPE, TYPE_ACCELEROMETER, TYPE_ORIENTATION, TYPE_ROTATION_VECTOR), hardware. As of now, I found out that the these sensors do not send events when the screen is off, so even when I grab a wakelock from within one of my programs, I can verify that my program is still running (through LOGcat output) but no sensors event comes out. I have to dim my screen on (which I cannot afford, the battery drains too fast) to start receiving sensors events again. So I was wondering if I could have direct access to the hardware, with native code, without having to register to a listener. Is this possible? If so, could you kindly give some further advice? I would appreciate very much any help!