Recently Nokia has launched is budget version Nokia 3 which is at 9500 rupees and it directly competes to xiaomi redmi 4.

Let's see who is winning and I will tell you why should you buy Nokia 3 or xiaomi redmi 4.

10 reason to buy xiaomi redmi 4 over Nokia 3

1. Octa core cpu

More cores result in better parallelism, meaning more tasks can be processed in parallel without slowing down the User Interface.

2. Faster CPU

3. More RAM

2 GB to 4GB In xiaomi redmi Note 4 while Nokia 3 is giving only 2 GB RAM

4. Better screen resolution

Xiaomi redmi 4 comes with 1080×1920 px wild Nokia 3 is coming with 720×1280 px.

5.VolTE enabled

Redmi 4S volte phone while nokia 3 is not.

6.Better camera

Redmi 4 is coming with 13 megapixel camera while Nokia 3 is coming with 8 megapixel camera

7.Supports HD video recording

there is HD video recording in redmi 4 while Nokia 3 has not any this kind of speciality

8. Bigger battery

Redmi Note 4 is gifted with powerful Mega battery of near about 4100 mah while Nokia 3 is coming with standard 2650 Mah battery.

9. More storage

Redmi 4 comes with 3 variant and provide you selectable storage with a hybrid sim slot so you can have external storage to why Nokia 3 is coming with 16GB storage

10. Better build and design

Redmi 4 is metal unibody which give a slick beauty. While Nokia 3 is a plastic carbonate body which is very cold and boring.

Advantage with Nokia 3

1. NFC

NFC enables wireless payments through your device. You can also connect two NFC enabled devices just by touching them with each other.

2. Nokia 3 is 0.2 mm sleeker than redmi4

Nokia 3 is 8.5 mm while redmi 4 is 8.7 mm thick

Guys I have tried to give an honest review and specification.
I think you like this post I would be happy to hear by you for any query hit the comment box and follow me please.