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Hai AllFirst Of All I would Like To Thank Our Admin @Michelle_YAY For This Awesome Contest And A Remainder for All About Air Pollution

How ToTackle Bad Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution?

In My Views We Cannot Tackle Air Pollution In A Single Step Or in A Short Time For That We Need Complete Planning And Needs Time
How  To Minimise Indoor Air Pollution ?
The Main Source Of Indoor Air Pollutions Are Smoke Produced Due To Cooking,Dust And Due To The PetFur

  • To Tackle Smoke Produced While Cooking We Can Use Electric Stoves Or Cng As Cooking Fuel Which Is More Cleaner And Pollution Free Than Lpg Kerosine Etc  

  • To   REduse Fumes And Gases From Food While Cooking We CAn Use Electric Chimmenys To Absorb The Gases And EMIT IT tO Atmosphere

  • To Reduse Dust In Indoor Cover The Windows And Doors With  Filter Screens So That Less Dust Will Enter Inside The Building
  • Use Vaccum Cleaners Instead Of Brooms As It Will ** All The Dust And Will not Allow The Dust To Spread
  • Avoid Smoking At Indoors
  • Avoid Pets Inside The Rooms
  • Minimise The Use Of Perfumes And Air Freshners insde Room Aa they are The Most Harmful Elements
By This Methods We Can reduce Indoor Air Pollution Upto An Extent
How  To Minimise Outdoor Air Pollution ?

The Major Contributor Of Outdoor Air Pollution Is Smoke From Vehicles And Industries
To Reduse Outdoor Pollution We Need Very Good Planning