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We All are Living in a World Where we have Make a Special Place of  POLLUTION  in our LUNGS and Those Special Places are making it hard for us to survive longer !!
What If We have a System which can Clear All those NEGATIVE AIR from our Surronding And Can Provide us Fresh POSITIVE AIR
Well Here We are Thinking And XIAOMI has Already Solved Our Problem with AIR PURIFIER  It Not just Only Clean the Air But it Actually Help us to
And The More we are in Positive environment it helps us more to stay positive and also increase our work efficiency and yes it do keep us Safe and happy :D

It's Becoming Tough as each day is passing to live in Natural Environment that X Factor of being Near Trees are Vanishing these days and So as Fresh Air So Nowadays people are lacking with many stuff like less work efficiency and so on so to maintain that it is very Important to make sure we are living in HEALTHY and PURE ENVIRONMENT

And MI AIR PURIFIER is Doing Extactly Same :D
But Using MI AIR PURIFIER won't solve our daily life Problem We have to Fix Our World for everyone we are the one Who can make this place HAPPY, Safe and Environment friendly for are Coming generation And we will be responsible if they are not as effiecient as we are because we were bought up in a Healthy environment but as the pollution is Increasing they have to survive in Bad Environment so While Using MI AIR PURIFIER we have to take a OATH as well that we will GROW TREES around us on Every Single Day we Take Leave from Office/Work/School and On Every Special Occassion day :D If you can't do it that way and do it this way :D Make it a Habbit on your Every occasion :D or Every Holiday ^_^

You Will Not just only Growing the Trees We all should be GROWING THE WORLD and THE HABITAT So that Our Future Generation can See that ^_^

We Have to Make Sure that we are not Only Protecting us But we are Also Protecting the WHOLE WORLD with Us <3


I Piyush Saini Take Oath that From Today Onwards I'll be Growing Trees Around me On Every Single Day I take off from Work and On Every Special Occasion in my Life :D I'll not only make it special for me But by growing trees I'll be making it Special for the WHOLE WORLD

Let's Step Together for Better Tommorrow

Love Ya Team ^_^

Keep Rocking and Keep Inventing all these Gadgets that can Spread POSITIVE AIR Around Us