Hello Dear Mi fans..!!!

First of all I am thankful to Donovan Sir, Mi community and team for giving a wonderfull gift MI VR play 2.

After reading this if you are thinking why Community gift me this then you must to read my whole thread how I got this gift and how You to also can get those gifts and if u know abuot donovan giveaways then you konw how I got gift.

Lets start from beginning,
There is Donovan Giveaway Contest on every monday in a week where Donovan Sir ask some presonal review from as that we think about Mi products an all,
So there is one of setion where I replied And got Mi Vr play as a giveaway winner,
So if guys want to participate this contest You have to subscribe DONOVAN GIVEAWAY COLUMN in column section.
There is to much knowledge of Mi products which havent launch in India so its very usefull column to getting mi products knowledge.
So best of luck for all who might particpate in future in Donovan Giveaway Column.
Here are some pics which gift I received,

Keep loving MI,,,
Long Live the MI.!!!