Haaaahaaaaa! are you kidding me? method one doesn't work and method two is what I already try for TWO LONG WEEKS!! I get that 50% Error all the time, no matter what I do. But I am not able to bind my device to my already granted account!!! tried ca. 100 times, meanwhile! I am so full of wrath now, I will throw it against a Wall shortly! If this won't function, I will NEVER EVER buy Xiaomi devices! In the beginning, I was so happy to own it and wondered about your "service", but now, I am nothing more than sad, angry and desperate! I opened a thread, I wrote Messages, BUT NO REPLY AT ALL, NO PROBLEM SOLVED!My device runs on MIUI 8 GLOBAL 6.12.8 BETA... Is that one of the working ROMs, or not? There are so many ROMS  now, I don't know anymore, what what is... Alpha? Beta? Developer? Stable? anything? I hope, I will get a useful reply, else, I don't know how this will end up...You totally MESSED the former shining Xiaomi spirit up, with that sh.... bootloader lock!