Listen up, you Nova customization geeks. We know you've been looking at your phone's homescreen for months hoping you could just hide that app from your drawer, use a clockwise rotation gesture to open the clock app, or swipe up on your messaging app to launch directly into a chat with your best friend/partner. Well, if you live in India, now's your lucky time.Nova Launcher Prime, the paid upgrade to Nova Launcher that enables gestures, unread count badges, custom app drawer groups, app hiding, icon swipes, and much more, is being discounted to the sexy price of ₹10. (That's about $0.15 for all of you jealous people living outside of India.) It's a limited time sale for Diwali and it seems like it comes with a special Diwali-themed icon.So if you've been eyeing the Prime upgrade for a long time and couldn't stomach the price before, hop on fast to the link below and grab it. Everyone else can pay the regular $5 price, and if they're envious, I'd like to remind them that the Pixel 2 is launching for astronomically high prices in India. That's one messed up karmic balance for you.Download