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its a great oppturnity to beacome beta tester and everyones wants become a beta tester i want to become a beta tester previously i tried the china global rom of miui 8 my experience was not that great beacuse its have some bugs and some apps doesnot work and i have some throughout knowledge of miui, miui was the smoothest ui i have ever seen no lagging and good experience. i am an active member and also replied the threads which i think i solve the problems of other members and give the information which they ask on the thread ppls give me a chance to become a beta tester i follow all the rules and take all the responsibilty . by becoming beta tester i will experience of miui 8. i want to experience all the features of miui 8 which i was not experience in china devlepor rom .pls give me a chance to become a beta tester of miui 8 . so i can help others