getting poor ram management all thought ussing new update from releasing date miui 8.1.1,first when device is freshly reboted its give awesome free memory like 1.8gb where i have 3gb variant rn3 sd,its a highest free memory i ever get is 1.9gb only when device is freshly started or rebooted,afyer using a 2,3 days without switching off or rebooting its going down and down and down,now after 3 days of no restartimg and rebooting it gives me only 700mb aprxmtly or 650mb,where in running background apps i have forcestoped each and every single app which is pre installed and post and system install but still its not getting more,,i know if i again i restart or reboot its comes up to 1.8gb,,so its mean every single day i want to reboot my device once in a day,,shay man as doing reboot or restratbthete is already a bug that it cant get 4g jio network about for 2,3 hours,theen the that sim card apear after 2,3 hours that why i dont like to reboot or restart every day i need an solution pleaseee