Hello redmi Note 5 pro users,

I would like to share a new gesture feature which is available in redmi note 5, redmi note 5 pro and redmi 5.

This feature will give you to hide the navigation button from home screen and will provide a total full dispaly without any navigation button and all. Similar like Iphone. once you activate the setting you will not get any navigation button you just have to scroll the screen from bottom to top for going back to home button and scroll from bottom and hold at screen to get the recent apps and all.

Below mentioned are the steps to activate the settiing.

1. Setting
2. On search bar type " Gesture". you will get an option like "Änimation the "go back gesture"
3.you will get two option there "button" and "Full screen"
if you select Full Screen the gesture will get activated. for deactivating the feature follow the same steps and tap on "Button"


2. Full screen
3. select the geature from there

Hope the information will be helpful to Redmi note 5, Redmi note 5 pro and Redmi 5 users

Thanks with regards