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[Tutorial] [Explore MIUI] Organize Your Music: The Right Way

2016-12-05 02:20:14
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Hello MI fans,
Recently there have been many suggestions for search inside MIUI Music Player; while it may come in a good time, there is an alphabetical scroll bar, artist, album & folder tabs separetely but all in vain. Most of the time if search box isn't there you can't find a song in a jiffy & that frustrate many people ending up in a journey insearch of next favourite music player, but more or less your music experience still remains hampered.

In today's article we will see why artist, album & related tabs in each of the music player you download makes no sense for you, where things are getting wrong & making you be dependent only on presence of the search box.

We all might agree that most of the time we end up downloading music from the internet or by means of sharing, & after that we don't do much with them except listening. While It serves the purpose for most of the people, but if you fall in category of melomaniac of a last level or an early stage audiophile I'm sure you will not step back from investing time to make things right.


Why It happens?
Short answer: Missing or Incorrect ID3 tag data!

But my mp3 file has title and artist in it's name, still it doesn't show up?

Your mp3 file might be having that information in name of the file but that's only a filename. e.g.: This_is_a_file_name.mp3

So what other info it needs, can I edit it manually?
The information needed to properly sort your music files in any of the music player available in android or any other OS platform, is called ID3 metadata & this metadata directly gets embedded inside the music files so you don't lose them when you move files away from your phone. Yes, you can edit it manually & we will see how as we proceed.

ID3 Tag - The Missing Mediator & History

ID3 is a metadata container most often used in conjunction with the MP3 audio file format. It allows information such as the title, artist, album, track number, and other information about the file to be stored in the file itself. Depending on the version of ID3 tag that information will be in start and/or in the end of the of the file itself, present as data/frames along with the audio data & so once you fill the right information you won't loose the changes.


The MP3 standard did not include a method for storing file metadata originally. In 1996 Eric Kemp had the idea to add a small chunk of data to the audio file, thus solving the problem. The method, now known as ID3v1, quickly became the de facto standard for storing metadata in MP3s. The ID3v1 tag occupies 128 bytes, beginning with the string TAG 128 bytes in the end of the file. The tag was placed at the end of the mp3 file to maintain compatibility with older media players, with some changes later ID3v1 came along. This was later replaced by newer standard, notable reason was simple as the data came in the end it wasn't suitable for streaming services which needs to show info before the music starts. Check below image to understand it graphically:
ID3v2, this specification was introduced in 1998 with the help of multiple contributors. Although it bears the name ID3, structure is very different from ID3v1.
In more down to earth terms, ID3v2 is a chunk of data prepended (before the actual data of audio) to the binary audio data, to aid streaming media. Each ID3v2 tag holds one or more smaller chunks of information, called frames. These frames can contain any kind of information and data you could think of such as title, album, performer, website, lyrics, equalizer presets, pictures etc.
The below pic depicts it perfectly:

Later many revisions came ID3v2.2, v2.3 & v2.4, out of which v2.3 is widely used one and is virtually supported by most of the modern music players today.


So now you know the underlaying works of tags, lets step into the actual editing of this tag data to tidy up your music library. The tag data editing could be tiresome if done one by one filling each of the tag separately and especially with years of pending work on your music library, but not if performed with right tools.
We will cover the whole tutorial in three parts, depening upon the purpose you are trying to achieve:

1. Automatic ID3 Tag Editing on Phone

If you search the playstore for ID3 taggers you would find so many apps for it, but most of which makes you edit the tags by hand. With the large abundance of MP3s it might surely be next to impossible practically. From all that apps I would recommend you to download an app named "Automatic Tag Editor" - Click Here

So how it differs?

As per their description, which reads:
Automatic Tag Editor analyse your library and pick for you close tag matches, just tap on the one you prefer and you are done. It will only take five seconds per song...Guaranteed! And that's not all: it also gives you some squared hi-res pictures you can use as cover art by tapping on them

Install the app, open it & you will be presented with the screen like below. It mainly has three tabs, each list and sort your songs according to their respective names: 1. Songs 2. Albums 3. Files

Step 1
- Open one of the song from the list & you will be presented with "best match" which contains tag information along with cover art, just click on the result & right sign, you're done.

Step 2
- If by any chance you get the wrong result then choose the matching one from "Matches found" section below, just click and you will be done.
- If you wish to change the cover art only then pick one from the suggested ones & click on it, it would be applied.
- Upon Clicking the "Blue round edit" button, you can enter the ID3 tag information manually & save it.

For which all you need is just a phone, is sufficient for day to day handling with somewhat limited music on phone which needs editing.

2. Tidying up your whole Music Library on PC

You can move your music to the phone, fill the tags via above mentioned app automatically & copy it back to PC, but if it sounds cumbersome or if you are looking for a dedicated tool to automate things I have one recommendation for you: MusicBrainz Picard, Download It Here

MusicBrainz Picard uses AcoustID audio fingerprints, allowing files to be identified by the actual music by sending chunks of audio data - even if they have no metadata in them, which works pretty good most of the time. Apart from that if your music has metadata already then it can use that too for better matching. It handles almost all the major audio files like MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, WMA, WAV & many others & is available for all the platforms incuding mac, linux & windows. It supports both ID3v2.3 & ID3v2.4 which can be mixed with ID3v1 too, preserving both.
Check it in action below:

Step 1
As you can see in the below Image we have selected one file which doesn't have any ID3 tag data pre-filled.
Step 2
You can add the whole folders too but for this tutorial we will select our file via "Add Files" option & you will be presented with the empty pane of tag information as depicted in image, which is empty.
- Now highlight the file & click "scan" option on top & your file will be gone in the right hand side pane.
Step 3
- As you can see the file automatically placed righthand side as per the track number it was in original album released, also now in the down most pane there's one more tab of new tags which are still unsaved. Also you can compare it with old data & change the value of any field if you wish before it gets actually written in the mp3 file. when you are satisfied with the information click "save".
- The little square icon green/yellow infront of the file before hitting save works as indicator of how close is the match, after hitting save it will turn into right sign as an indication.
Musicbrainz has indeed a nice database for the bollywood songs too, check it in action in below image
Incase AcoustID recognization doesn't work via "Scan" button & your music has some information already then you can try the "Lookup" option too.
Now all you have to do is select your folder with songs & start working on it, without much of the manual editing by hand, but wait keep reading on, I have something more too.

2.1 Automatic Renaming & Folder Creation

Now imagine if one has many songs in just one folder & one start working on them, ID3 tags will surely change but still filename would be the same as it was before, sad isn't it? Also how nice it would have been if all the songs by one artist would be in same folder & separated by different folder according to the album names, but manual work sounds too tiresome.
WELL NO!  As long as your songs have right tags rest of the work is just a few clicks away, the same is explained below.
Step 1

If you just want to rename the files automatically on each edit,
Load up the software, Go to Option - Options - go to filenaming tab & set the options like shown in the below image.
What it will do is, rename the files as shown in the "example box", note down the format.
Step 2
Now suppose, along with renaming you want to place the files into automatically created directory structure like: yourmusicfolder/Artistname/Albumname/Track 01.mp3, Track on.

To accomplish that,
- Make one folder named "sorted" to your desired place
- Click & check, Move files to this directory while saving, Click "Browse" & select the same folder
- Click Ok and close the options.
- You're done! Now next time when you will click "save" as we talked in Step 3 it will automatically rename the file & move it in your folder with dedicated folder structure, Easey peasy right!

3. Automatic Handling Of Lyrics In MIUI Music Player

If you followed the above steps perfectly, have correct metadata for your songs & just want to display the lyrics then installing Musixmatch will do the thing & hardly you will come across a song without lyrics. You can download the app Here. But you will be needing internet to display the lyrics all the time, or paid version of the app for offline availability.

If you are a true follower & want to display the lyrics in MIUI music player only then keep reading the article. Before we talk about how to accomplish that some things are there you might want to know.

ID3v2 does indeed support embedded lyrics in audio file which can be synchronized or unsynchronized version, along with that there is a special Lyrics3v2 tag too which supports synchonized lyrics, so for mp3 in total we have

  • ID3v2 Unsynchronized lyrics
  • ID3v2 Synchronized lyirics
  • Lyrics3v2 Synchonized lyrics
  • *.lrc External lyric file (synchronized), which is basically a text tile with timing information

Out of which first three aren't supported by MIUI music palyer, the one MIUI music player uses is the 4th one.

How To Add *.lrc Automatically

Now you know that you can download a *.lrc file specific to your song & then select it via browse option Inside music player to display lyrics, but seriously that sounds too old school. we will try to automate things so that we don't have to do the same thing everytime we clear music app data or add new music.

Step 1
Download a program called MIniLyrics for windows - Here, Install it.

Step 2
It will ask you to open up a player, open it with windows media player for now. Go to view - Preferences - lyrics - lyrics download & set the exact options like the below image

Step 3
That's it you're done!

Now open any of the folder you want to play music from & play song. You will see that new *.lrc file will be created with every new song. Now all you have to do is copy the directory in your phone's music folder.
Play the songs & you will see that lyrics will be automatically displayed!

That's it for now folks!
If you liked the tutorial, have any question or feedback regarding this, leave your comment below! If you have your own favourite program then do share with us too.

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Semi Pro Bunny

navya@j | from mobile


Thanks for sharing
2016-12-05 08:57:29
A very nice thread with complete information.
2016-12-05 09:02:28
Mi Community India
Nice thread!! Thanks for sharing.
2016-12-05 09:07:48


lavnidhi | from mobile


Great information. Thanks for sharing.
2016-12-05 09:08:13
Proud Mi Fan
Nice thread!! Thanks for sharing.
2016-12-05 09:08:16

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kuldeepy2k | from mobile


Thank for sharing
2016-12-05 09:15:46

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Dr.Chinmay | from mobile


Nice thread,  given all details about music
2016-12-05 09:40:46

Mi FC President

DipakOj | from mobile


Very nice & detailed info. May be too technical for normal users but still good to know things to enhance knowledge. Thanks.
2016-12-05 10:32:47

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Armour king | from app


Cooool one really  cool
2016-12-05 14:58:03

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good detailed information
2016-12-05 15:09:58
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