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Myths Vs Facts

[News] [Topic-3] Hard Disk Drive(HDD) : Myths VS Facts!

2018-05-19 06:06:49
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WassUp, Mi Fans!

Friends, the invention of the computer has given many significant advantages in term of its working speed and high capacity to store the data. The hard disk is the place where the computer stores its data. But sadly as we know, every electronic device is having some limitations and rumors which become traditional myths in latter time. And unfortunately, Hard Disk Drive also is the victim of many misconceptions. This thread is all about an attempt to debunk some of the most popular hard disk myths and reveal to you what's real and what's not! So, let's take a ride!

You must format your hard disk drive every (insert duration of choice) to improve performance.
  • This is the most common fallacy, probably borne from the experience of users who noted improved responsiveness of their PCs after formatting and reinstalling their operating systems. However, this is due to the freshly-installed operating system which has not yet been saddled by software that has to be loaded at start-up.
  • Formatting your hard disk regularly will NOT improve your hard disk drive's performance. If you notice a significant degradation in your hard disk drive's performance after several months, this is because the data in the drive has become so fragmented that the read/write heads have to seek all over the platters while reading or writing data. Try defragmenting your hard disk drive, instead of simply formatting it.

A computer's weight increases as information is added to the hard disk drive.
  • This started off at least 4 years ago as an innocent question by someone on Yahoo! Answers and has become an Internet meme with the question being repeated every so often to bait techies and mock the clueless. Here's a recent one :

  • Obviously, the correct answer is "No, a computer's weight does not increase as you fill the hard disk drive with data".

SSHDs are more reliable than HDDs.

  • This myth is again based on the (wrong) perception that the Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) is a type of solid-state drive (SSD). Because SSHDs are a combination of a regular hard disk drive with a large SSD cache, they actually have more points of failure. If either component (SSD or HDD) fails, the entire drive fails. In fact, the SSHD has an additional lifespan limitation that the HDD does not - the number of writes the flash memory cells in the SSD cache can support before they "die".
  • In addition, the SSD cache itself imposes an additional thermal load on the HDD, which could affect its long-term reliability, especially in the tight confines of a notebook.

Once data is deleted from your disk, it disappears forever.
  • Even if you format the hard disk drive, it is possible to recover most of the data because the old data hasn't been overwritten. Formatting merely sets up a new file system, leaving most of the old data intact. These chunks of old data will remain intact and retrievable using data recovery software until they are overwritten with new data.
  • Once a piece of data is overwritten, it cannot be retrieved. So, in short, data retains in your hard disk till the moment you overwrite it with new data. Deleted data are simply marked as deleted and is always there until new data take over its place.

Formatting a hard drive too many times will cause it to fail.
  • To put it shortly, formatting your hard drive will NOT reduce its lifespan. Yes, formatting is popularly thought to reduce hard drive's lifespan but that is nothing more than a myth.
  • Formatting is NOT a stressful event for a hard drive. The read/write heads do NOT touch the platter surface, so damage to the platter only occurs if there is any shock to the drive during operation.
  • You can format your hard drive 20 times a day, 365 days a year and it will be no more likely to fail than a hard drive that is not formatted at all.

Scanning for viruses several times a day can kill your hard disk drive.
  • Scanning for viruses is no different from any other operations that require reading data from the hard disk drive. Therefore, the act of scanning viruses is no less likely to kill your hard disk drive than it is to prevent YOU from catching a cold.
  • With that said, unnecessarily scanning the hard disk drive continuously will increase the operating temperature of the hard disk drive. Over a long time, the sustained high temperature can reduce the lifespan of your hard disk drive.

Sudden power cuts can cause bad sectors!

  • Bad sectors are not caused by shutting off your computer suddenly. That used to be true in the old, OLD days when you had to park the hard disk drive heads before you turned off your computer.
  • Modern voice coil actuators will automatically park the read/write heads whenever power to the hard disk drive is cut off. Therefore, there is no risk of any head crashes that can create bad sectors.

If the hard drive stops functioning, put in in a freezer.
  • This is one of the most common myths about data recovery, people think that putting the hard drive in a freezer will resolve the issue. The reason being, hard drives get overheated and people think that freezing it will fix the issue. On a contrary, freezing the hard drive will damage its head position and will result in contraction of mechanical parts. So, don’t ever put the hard drive in a freezer.

Hard disk drive companies cheat in the way they calculate storage space!

  • Well, if you by any 500 GB hard drive, it will show approx 465 GB space. Buy HDD of any capacity and you will find less storage and then you think that the manufacturing company has cheated you, but it is technically not true that hard disk drive companies cheat in the way they calculate storage space. Think of it as "creative manipulation of reality".
  • The companies calculate storage as 1 MB=1000 KB and 1 GB=1000 MB thus you end up having less storage then label. For more clarity, click here to explore my dedicated thread on this topic.

To Sum Up:
So, friends, that was all about the common myths about Hard Disk Drives. Sadly, there are lots of myths about it, but I have covered most common of all. If you want to know all about other myths, explore the link given in the source and I'm sure that your every doubt will be cleared.

Let me know in comments if you had any myths among the mentioned in the thread. Or you can also comment on how did you find the thread. I'll see you soon with one more interesting tech topic. Till then, take care!

Sources: 1, 2
2018-05-19 06:06:49
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Myths Vs Facts
The column is about debunking some of the most widespread myths about Technology and reveal to you what's the truth!
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Interesting thread!
2018-05-19 06:19:04

Master Bunny

meetgour | from Redmi Note 5 Pro


Well Explained :)
2018-05-19 06:19:32

Master Bunny

Mohammad Enayat | from Mi A1


Great! Many misconceptions has been cleared out!
2018-05-19 06:32:02
Awesome Thread! Thanks for Sharing
2018-05-19 06:32:20

Master Bunny

Godugu Srinivas Mudiraj | from Redmi Note 5 Pro


thanks for sharing useful information
2018-05-19 06:42:55

Master Bunny

SHUBHANK RAJAK | from Redmi Note 3


well explained...
2018-05-19 07:14:38

Master Bunny

8131016561 | from MI MAX


Useful information, Thanks.
2018-05-19 07:30:32

Master Bunny

almorahills | from Redmi Note 3


interesting and helpful information
2018-05-19 08:29:42

Master Bunny

Simmi Kansal | from Redmi Note 5 Pro


thanks for very nice information
2018-05-19 10:10:41

Advanced Bunny

k.k.k | from Redmi 5


HDD myths  & facts
2018-05-19 10:10:58
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