I order a hard case for one of my Redmi Note 5 pro and it had a manufacturing defect. So i informed Customer care. They said they would replace it but I didn't here anything from them for a long time. I got a call today saying that the product is not in stock so they forced me a coupe for the same amount but without the shipping charges it is unacceptable because if the case was available they would have to replace it and ship it to me without me having to pay for shipping. I said I am willing to wait for it but the guy was so adamant and rude he said that he can't make me wait when it is my decision whether to wait or not. Moreover it is a coupon which will expire in a month and i do not see how that is helpful. I did not needed any accessories other than the case. And when it is in stock and if i order it I'll have to pay the shipping changes. The guys name is Aftab saiyad he is rude and don't know who to talk to a loyal Mi Customer. and when I asked him to talk to a senior he said he is the senior and did not let me talk to manager. People like him are making the Mi brand look bad.
Aftab Saiyad diserve to be fired.