You know all the latest batteries in our mobile devices have a life span which is counted in two units called CC (cycle count) and FCC (fullcharge capacity) and it has a finite amount of counts and capacity.

For eg. Lithium polymer batteries may have around 3000-5000 CC and a finite amount FCC

A cycle count means when the battery is fully changed and fully discharged onces it is 1 CC.

And there is Full Charges Capacity which means how many times the battery has been changed to 100%,

For e.g. if you exhausted the 3000 cycle counts, battery life is over and it also might not be covered under warranty even in the warrant period( which can rarely happen because latest batteries have a lot more CCs).

And  also if you full charage the battery more than 80%  of its full change capacity counts it is been abused by the user and then also it might not be covered under warranty.

But it is also essential to complete a cycle count once in a while for optimal performance.

Moral of the story is, never charge your battery to 100% and never drain it down completely.

Here is how you can increase your battery life and Performance. Charge the battery to 70-75% and never let it go down more than 30-35%. But also remember to fully change and fully discharged your battery once in 2-3 weeks.

Nihal Pailwan