Tanks A Lot!
Real-time Multiplayer Battle Arena
Hi MI Fans,

If you are the one who is always looking to play cool and unique games but doesn’t want to spend time finding them on the App Store. Then you came to the right place. MI Community App Review Team brings you handpicked apps for your wish !!! ... Tanks A Lot! is an Incredibly dynamic and fun multiplayer game. Build your tank from dozens of parts, play with your friends & dominate the arena - 3 vs 3 PVP action. Try different tactics and win... Let's Check in detail !!

Tanks A Lot is simple three-on-three multiplayer tank battle game. Control a tank and blast the opposition to bits using a variety of weapons, including flamethrowers, chain guns, rocket launchers, and more! Our Tanks A Lot of cheats and tips will show you how to become a tank busting pro!

Hey, this is a three-on-three PvP game. We should stick together; stay together! Your firepower is exponentially increased when we’ve got two other buddies by our side, so there no disadvantage in sticking closely together with our teammates. Another thing is to you just need to find the right weapon at right time. There are many weapons in the War room. Don't forget to check them !!

After a while, you will able to shop items from the Game App Store. The shop tab contains so-called Hot Deals. This is the only place in the store where you can spend your coins on specific cards. If you are trying to upgrade a specific weapon, be sure to take a look at the shop every now and then. The shop’s selection rotates daily, so check back the next day if there’s nothing you’re interested in. Spend your coins and Build your own Tank!!!

Good decent graphics & gameplay is smooth
Humans play for bots

⏬ The single player game that requires an internet connection
⏬ Only 3 Vs 3 available in Group Type

My Opinion

I love this game its too cool and too funny this game is awesome. The game doesn't have real multiplayer, EVERYONE you play with and against is bots. Hope that future updates will include more features to the app. If you are fun loving, wants a time pass Just try it !!!


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