POCO F1 MiUI 10 pie global stable
After the update to weather app, AQI data is still not visible for many cities and is even incorrect for where it is displaying eg. Gurugram.
The data I have taken is from National Air Quality Index (https://app.cpcbccr.com/AQI_India/) andAir-quality.com (https://air-quality.com/place/india/nishant-ganj-lucknow---uppcb/957791da?lang=en&standard=aqi_us). Data source for air-quality.com is http://www.cpcb.nic.in. Please see the attached screenshots.

Missing AQI data.


AQI data for Gurgaon in weather app

AQI data as per air-quality.com for Gurgaon

As a suggestion, the Weather app should have the ability to select weather and AQI data sources.