Hi folks,

Mi5 got screwed after updating to nougat update

This is the MIUI version i am having.

As soon as i updated it, i got performance issues with my device. Most issues are with earphone and mic. As soon as i connect my phone to Gotomeeting application for the meeting, sometimes I didn't hear anything even if the meeting is going on and everyone is speaking. Sometimes i can hear everything but my voice is not audible at thier end.

Means what the hell! Sometimes i call someone, call get connected but no voice at all.

Camera lags alot now. During video playback, no sound at all.

Everything occurs randomly and only solution to this is to reboot my phone. Now i have to reboot my phone very frequently. 4-5 times a day regularly.

Warranty is gonna end soon so please help me out that if it is software issue or i need to visit some service center where they only reset your device with latest Rom.

Any help is much appreciated!!