Hey MI Users,
      I bought this phone just a month ago.I have captured many photos via 48MP mode,it takes few secs to capture the pic,alright;no problem.but now after 40days usage my MI note 7 pro is getting heated whenever I try to shot a pic in 48MP mode and the camera automaticaly shuts off and phne is getting heated even the batterypck-up is decreased in just 30-40 days of usage.
     As the returning policy of the company in 10days from buying the phone I have requested for replacement but the custumer care nd MI authorised technician was guiding me to follow some steps although as I hd done all the updates nd installations at that time.They were not accepting the faulty nature of model aloted me nd afterall they didnt helped to to replaced.
I am really disapointed and unsatisfied with this company.
It is my kind request try to all of my indian brothers & sisters or elders that if any cell phone company is advertising their products with extraordinary features and hardwares as compatible to costly branded phones like one plus or apple or any so,dont be fullish and fall in avidity to buy such phones or products to save some money in greed of cheap cost.Because,this cheap cost phone cant compare those costly model they were gng to laung in compatible of.
If you want to see a truth just compare MI redmi note 7 pro pics in 48MP mode with other phone photos.
Thank You !
Jai Hind