I recently opted for MI Exchange for a new phone purchase through MI Store. Since I had to exchange my current phone so I decided to be present myself at the time delivery executive came to deliver & exchange new phone.

I obviously erased all data on my current phone before I handed it to the delivery boy (it was through Ekart). When he inspected my current phone, he declined exchange saying it is physically damaged and can't be exchanged, so he has to cancel the transaction. I got upset since I just erased all my stuff and did a factory reset. And my phone wasn't physically damaged too. The white side lining on My Redmi Note 4 had come off partially which he claimed as physical damage. This was evident that since I had this phone for 2 years and this much wear & tear is obvious (given the build quality MI phones have)!!!!

I called up customer support at MI Store and they were reluctant too, saying it's a process and they can't help it. Eventually my new phone for which I paid in full in advance had to be returned back without exchange, and I ended up reconfiguring my existing phone, losing precious amount of my work time.

MI India has given the authority to decide the exchange is valid or not, in the hands of unskilled delivery boys and leaving customers at their mercy. This shows how much value they hold for a Customer, and we are making them the no.1 mobile company. What a pity!!!!!   

A lost customer,
Mandeep Kohli