While some MIUI11 themes are working, but with full of bugs, while one is able to change status bar design through Themes Stores with limited MIUI11 working themes....

However, IT DOESN'T CHANGE STATUS BAR ICONS like it used to be in previous MIUI 10, 'another messed up issue is of Dial-pad being always in Dark Mode when anyone is dialing a number', and Dial-Pad number display screen too is laden with bugs as 'dial-pad themes' don't seem to apply to it correctly designwise.

This is the 3rd time, I am requesting to fix this 'basic issue' in newly seeded MIUI11 in Mi Max 2 with a small update that shall resolve all above issues.

How long do we have to wait or are these issues will be sorted with supposedly next big update as far as Max 2 is concerned?