Hello Everyone,

Hope you're enjoying winters!

Captian Sam is located in Sector 26. It is one of the oldest places for the pizza lovers, a joint franc. introduced to Chandigarh even before the big pizza giants arrived. The Unique Salad and Pizza Buffet at Steal Deal Prices.

We had a total of 15 members, looking out at delicious food and chit chat.

Talking about the food because most of it was about food. We had a few mixed pastas, penne and spaghetti, Red and White the others I am not very sure about may be a mix of arb and Honey mustard fusion, one had the taste of BBQ sauce.

I thought that was it so I went there filled my plate with all sorts of PASTAS and God knows what. As I started eating they said Bro are you gonna eat only this ? what about pizza.
I was like there is pizza ?
I ended up loading myself with Garlic bread and Coke. Yes COKE!

No meet is complete without a group photo:

Thanks to all of you for coming and making it a BIG event!

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