MI 5 is one of many worst phone out in the market, its tagline says Fast as light but in reality it's definitely fast but as Snail, hangs a lot while using, games lag a lot, heats up like it has inbuilt tharmameter to sum up the scorching heat, no doubt the design and camera in daylight is awesome but that doesn't sound good when you are have top major hardware in the device, in this Piace range people should go for other phone, even an apple 6 is in the same price range of mi 5 and it is more satisfactory phone one can have. I sold my apple 5s 64 gb for mi 5 but now I see it's not worth it. While typing the above review the keyboard keeps stop working for few seconds like it has an idea of what I am typing.

Mi should not woo the people by the same tagline but they should work on small small things to make a phone perfect just like apple does, imitating the design will not be the solution coz hardwork was, is and always will be the key of success.