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Air Purifier 2/2S

[Announcement] [Contest] How do you cope with air pollution? Share your ideas to win prizes!

2016-09-23 03:28:18
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Lucky Draw Post

This grab floor sticker, greater than You can grab Floor  

Hello mi fans! We recently launched the Air Purifier with a decent price. I believe everyone was excited about this new launch! Mi Air purifier has amazing features, beautifully compact design and relieves your stress of breathing bad indoor air. However, the air pollution issues are still there in India.

Before the launch of Mi Air Purifier 2, I guess the issues of bad indoor air haven't been paid much attention. With the arrival of AP2, I hope it raised the awareness of air pollution and what it does to your well being.

While most people choose to stay indoors when outdoor air is severely bad, but when you have to travel to work or somewhere in such days, how do you cope with the air situation? Do you wear masks or simply cover your nose with your hand? OR just ignore the situation and wear nothing protective of your breath?   

So today's contest is not only a contest, it is more of a kind reminder to people to go "protective" in bad air days. Share with us your ways of tackling bad indoor/outdoor air pollution. You may get a chance to win wonderful prizes, others may learn how to breath less harmfully.

How to take part in the contest:
Share your ways of tackling bad indoor and outdoor air pollution.
Reply directly to this thread.

Contest period:   
23rd - 27th Sep, at 8pm IST.

Announcement: before 29th Sep.

1. Use a few sentences to describe, and pictures/photos/videos to illustrate, or take a selfie of you wearing a mask, etc. (Our updated version of Mi Community enables you to add pictures in replies, update here:
2. Format is not limited. But bonus points will be given to entries with creative/crazy yet doable ideas!
3. Each user can post 3 times at most.

We will count all the entries by the deadline, who post replies with position as the  10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% of the total # of entries and the last valid entry will win F-codes for Mi Air Purifier 2 (eg. if the total number of entries is 1500, then the winning entry is #150, #300, #450, #600.....#1200, #1350 and #1500)! The most creative entry will win a Mi Air Purifier 2!!!

1. The winning reply has to be a valid entry. If it does not comply with the rules above, the winning entry will be the next valid one.
2. We take plagiarism seriously, we will ban your entry to this contest if we find that you have copied contents from other sources. Your entry has to be your ORIGINAL work!
3 Users who reply with multiple Mi accounts will be disqualified from the contest.
4. Mi Community reserves the final decision making rights to this contest.


Ten F-codes for Air Purifier 2 and one Air Purifier 2 to give away as prizes, so the odds of winning are high! Grasp the opportunity to win prizes and share your ideas to help more people in India!!


Thank you to all Mi Fans for spontaneusly participating in this contest! Congratulations to the winners of the winning entries!!!

The F-Code will be sent to you personally in the following days, so do check your inbox!

The prizes are still under approval, as it's the national holiday from 1st Oct onwards, so there are loads of work for us to do. The process of applying for prizes may be very slow. Please bear with us. We will send out the prizes to you once we get them!

No.Statastical ReplyWinning ReplyNicknameMidPrize
1333315938971661593897166Mi Air Purifier 2 F-Code
26767Arun6199    465957879Mi Air Purifier 2 F-Code
3100101    1609708395    1609708395Mi Air Purifier 2 F-Code
4134134    VISHAL ASTHANA    1604927319Mi Air Purifier 2 F-Code
51671671614504805    1614504805Mi Air Purifier 2 F-Code
6200200    1576856471    1576856471Mi Air Purifier 2 F-Code
7234236    Itachi1622744995Mi Air Purifier 2 F-Code
82672681605455228    1605455228Mi Air Purifier 2 F-Code
9301303Uluberia    534940766Mi Air Purifier 2 F-Code
10334334Shivsrikakolum    1578881315Mi Air Purifier 2 F-Code
Most Creative Entry
-280    kawaljeet Singh 1633849503Mi Air Purifier 2

To all the other Mi Fans, do look out for our next contest and you may be the next lucky winner!

Till then, let's do our best to keep our environment clean for everyone!



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2016-09-23 03:28:18
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2016-09-23 03:42:41

Pro Bunny

RazaRaza | from mobile


Edited by RazaRaza at 2016-09-24 06:39 PM

It's not just we put handkerchief or mask on nose for avoid Air Pollution, we have to do something for its because we have to think about other people's, think about their health also because they're also our brothers and sisters also tell them to stop smoking if they've habit, Always Use Recyclable Products, Use Broom Instead of Leaf Blower, Buy Items Made From Recycled Materials, Use both sides of a piece of paper when we're writing or using also should teach our childrens that how should we cope or reduce air pollution, so after thinking alot I am writing now also sorry if i did any grammar or spelling mistakes

One day my country will be Clean & Pollution Free.


Before two year ago I visited Rwanda in East Africa and I found its capital city Kigali it was clean someone told me its a cleanest country in that world and when I ask why so they told me that Rwanda is clean because of the concept of Umuganda day, I didn't knew about Umuganda Day so I was just hmmm after that on Saturday morning I was standing in my hotel balcony and I was surprised just because the traffic stop, stores are closed, even visitors and all able bodied Rwandans pitch in, the streets are cleaned, drainage ditches dug, schools built, anywhere there is a need, there are a hundred, eager helping hands doing their part to make Rwanda better and clean, they makes Umuganda Day – the 4th Saturday of every Month and clean their areas together and another fact in Rwanda that Plastic Bags are totally ban and illegal there you can't use or bring plastic bags in Rwanda, I was too much inspired from them and i wished that we Indian should follow those rules.


From my side it's not a big list just we have to follow 4 rules that How we cope or reduce Air Pollution.


1) Not just Keep your home clean also Keep your country Clean:
Some people they just keep their
home clean and they just forget about outside of their home and they doesn't know that him/her country is also its also their home so they should keep their country clean and put DustBin even outside of their house so if someone pass by there if they have something to through like garbage so they'll not through on the road or Street they will just put in DustBin, for me I put DustBin outside of my house and even outside of my shop for travellers,


Also every home should have one MI Air Purifier 2 for better and healthy life for their familyto cope Air Pollution.


2) Use Cycle or Walk if you work near your home:
If your office or your workplace is near your home so go by walk or use cycle or public transport don't use your bike or car because it's also create air pollution because of Exhaust gas and also follow traffic rules change your engine oil time to time to avoid bad Exhaust gas, even Xiaomi launch Qicycle Electric Folding Bike and Ninebot Mini Self Balancing Scooter to cope air pollution so we should also use those things

Also for industries and factories should be outside of city because Factories pollute the air through fossil fuel emissions. These emissions include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Combustion creates these toxic pollutants. While all of these are naturally-occurring substances, it is the high levels of emissions which are of concern. Industrial processes will also emit manmade emissions such as fluorine-containing gases such as hydrofluorocarbons, also they should take care of their machines and checks them every month so they will create less air pollution.
Even no unnecessary use of lights, bulb, chargers, air conditions and heaters also reduce air pollution so when you're not using don't forget and just make them switch off.


3) Say no to Plastic Bags:
We should use Paper Bags and Cloth Bags and also Reuse paper bags, they work really well for almost anything you can imagine and they are recycled in the first place like how in Rwanda and many other countries they are using to cope air pollution because plastic bags they are very dangerous and creates air pollution and reason is that Plastic is an environment Hazard. Polythene bags are polluting, land, water, and air because they are non- biodegradable. A plastic bag if buried in soil will remain there intact even after hundreds of years. Plastic is impermeable to water and air. Hence water cannot percolate down the plastic sheet and it also deprives the soil of the oxygen. Thus it deteriorates the fertility of the land. Plastic is lighter than water and floats on the its surface. It stops mixing of vital Oxygen from air to water. It is lethal for aquatic life. Plastic can neither melt in water nor degrade in soil. It is very difficult to get rid of it. Even burning causes air pollution as many poisonous gases are produced in the process. Thinner than 5 micron plastic bags are especially harmful because if they are mixed in the soil, they cannot be picked. We must totally ban its uses like other countries.


4) Save Trees:
We should save plants because its the best things to reduce air pollutions and we have to plant a garden outside of our house if you can't so atleast put outside of your house POT PLANTS or in Balcony or suitable place to reduce air pollution, and when you use paper Use both sides of a piece of paper. Otherwise, you’re just being wasteful with the things that you are using also we should teach our childrens to do same, so we will save tree because Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone) and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark, so we have to create campaign for save trees and have to stop people to cut the trees.


Hope you like my ideas and will follow it.
Your Friend Always

2016-09-23 03:43:34

Grandmaster Bunny

anujsingh06 | from mobile


I wear a mask to prevent ourselves from the outdoor pollution
2016-09-23 04:12:17
Always Believe That SoMething Wonderful is About To Happen

Edited by Piyushsaini17 at 2016-09-23 01:50 PM

We All are Living in a World Where we have Make a Special Place of  POLLUTION  in our LUNGS and Those Special Places are making it hard for us to survive longer !!
What If We have a System which can Clear All those NEGATIVE AIR from our Surronding And Can Provide us Fresh POSITIVE AIR
Well Here We are Thinking And XIAOMI has Already Solved Our Problem with AIR PURIFIER  It Not just Only Clean the Air But it Actually Help us to
And The More we are in Positive environment it helps us more to stay positive and also increase our work efficiency and yes it do keep us Safe and happy :D

It's Becoming Tough as each day is passing to live in Natural Environment that X Factor of being Near Trees are Vanishing these days and So as Fresh Air So Nowadays people are lacking with many stuff like less work efficiency and so on so to maintain that it is very Important to make sure we are living in HEALTHY and PURE ENVIRONMENT

And MI AIR PURIFIER is Doing Extactly Same :D
But Using MI AIR PURIFIER won't solve our daily life Problem We have to Fix Our World for everyone we are the one Who can make this place HAPPY, Safe and Environment friendly for are Coming generation And we will be responsible if they are not as effiecient as we are because we were bought up in a Healthy environment but as the pollution is Increasing they have to survive in Bad Environment so While Using MI AIR PURIFIER we have to take a OATH as well that we will GROW TREES around us on Every Single Day we Take Leave from Office/Work/School and On Every Special Occassion day :D If you can't do it that way and do it this way :D Make it a Habbit on your Every occasion :D or Every Holiday ^_^

You Will Not just only Growing the Trees We all should be GROWING THE WORLD and THE HABITAT So that Our Future Generation can See that ^_^

We Have to Make Sure that we are not Only Protecting us But we are Also Protecting the WHOLE WORLD with Us <3


I Piyush Saini Take Oath that From Today Onwards I'll be Growing Trees Around me On Every Single Day I take off from Work and On Every Special Occasion in my Life :D I'll not only make it special for me But by growing trees I'll be making it Special for the WHOLE WORLD

Let's Step Together for Better Tommorrow

Love Ya Team ^_^

Keep Rocking and Keep Inventing all these Gadgets that can Spread POSITIVE AIR Around Us

2016-09-23 04:17:42

Grandmaster Bunny

anujsingh06 | from mobile


I wear a mask to prevent myself from outdoor pollution. For indoors my main door and all my windows are covered with plastic mesh which kind of traps small dust particles
2016-09-23 04:17:58
Always Believe That SoMething Wonderful is About To Happen


Mi FC President

Amal muralee | from mobile


Edited by AMALMURALEE at 2016-09-26 09:00 PM

Hai AllFirst Of All I would Like To Thank Our Admin @Michelle_YAY For This Awesome Contest And A Remainder for All About Air Pollution

How ToTackle Bad Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution?

In My Views We Cannot Tackle Air Pollution In A Single Step Or in A Short Time For That We Need Complete Planning And Needs Time
How  To Minimise Indoor Air Pollution ?
The Main Source Of Indoor Air Pollutions Are Smoke Produced Due To Cooking,Dust And Due To The PetFur

  • To Tackle Smoke Produced While Cooking We Can Use Electric Stoves Or Cng As Cooking Fuel Which Is More Cleaner And Pollution Free Than Lpg Kerosine Etc

  • To   REduse Fumes And Gases From Food While Cooking We CAn Use Electric Chimmenys To Absorb The Gases And EMIT IT tO Atmosphere

  • To Reduse Dust In Indoor Cover The Windows And Doors With  Filter Screens So That Less Dust Will Enter Inside The Building
  • Use Vaccum Cleaners Instead Of Brooms As It Will ** All The Dust And Will not Allow The Dust To Spread
  • Avoid Smoking At Indoors
  • Avoid Pets Inside The Rooms
  • Minimise The Use Of Perfumes And Air Freshners insde Room Aa they are The Most Harmful Elements
By This Methods We Can reduce Indoor Air Pollution Upto An Extent
How  To Minimise Outdoor Air Pollution ?

The Major Contributor Of Outdoor Air Pollution Is Smoke From Vehicles And Industries
To Reduse Outdoor Pollution We Need Very Good Planning

2016-09-23 04:24:38
My ways of tackling bad indoor and outdoor air pollution

2016-09-23 04:51:27

Semi Pro Bunny

1588275706 | from mobile


What Causes Bad Indoor Air Quality?

When you hear about bad air quality you probably think about a city with an overcast of smog. The truth is, indoor air pollution is another problem itself. As a matter of fact, the quality of indoor air can be even worse than outdoor air. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside may be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. This may be hard to believe when we consider all of the toxic fumes coming from automobiles, factories, and ozone into the air we breathe.

How contaminants get into your home

Indoor air can be filled with multiple pollutants including pollen, dust, dander, cleaning solvents, formaldehyde, fungi, viruses, and much more. These tiny particles, some too small to see, make their way into your home’s air and into your lungs. Particles like dirt, dust, and pollen enter your home through open windows, doors, cracks, and chimneys. Bacteria and mold easily find their way into your home and constantly reproduce to stay alive. Pets are a common allergen source that causes bad indoor air quality from of their dander, hair and saliva. Pet dander is made up of microscopic particles that shed from the animal’s body. Other sources of contaminants include perfume, cleaning supplies, paints, and cooking fumes. These are all human induced contaminants that can be reduced by eliminating the source.

Poor Ventilation
A common problem, especially in newer homes is that they are tightly sealed to conserve energy. This causes a lack of airflow so fresh air cannot make its way inside. Without proper ventilation indoor air cannot circulate and becomes stale and stagnant. This means all of the contaminants floating around indoors have no way to escape. This causes allergic reactions, discomfort, and other health concerns.

High Humidity 
Too much moisture in the air also creates an issue in indoor air quality. High humidity allows dust mites, mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria to breed. These tiny contaminants are released into the air and then into your lungs. High humidity can also promote household materials to release chemicals such as formaldehyde into the air as a pungent vapor. Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong smelling gas and is a strong irritant that affects the eyes, nose, throat, and skin.

Impacts of bad air

Your health – Pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, and pet dander can trigger allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems. Bad indoor air can cause problems with those with allergies. They can increase symptoms and may even cause those without allergies to develop symptoms. Odors and chemical vapors can cause headaches, fatigue, and allergic reactions.Your Comfort – Too much moisture or too little moisture can have a big impact on the way you feel. Humid air can cause sticky and moist air indoors making the temperature feel warmer than it really is. You may find yourself making the air conditioner work overtime in attempt to feel more comfortable. Moisture can promote the growth of mold and bacteria which will provoke allergic reactions.

Getting rid of bad air

Now that you have become more informed about indoor air quality, you can take action to get rid of the problem.

Keep your furnace, air conditioner, and humidifier well maintained. Keep humidity within 30%-60%Use nontoxic paints, cleaning supplies and other household products when possibleUse furnishings that emit the smallest amount of chemical vaporsDo not allow smoking inside your home and make sure all gas appliances are properly ventedWash bedding frequently to rid of dirt, dust, and other particlesBathe pets and wash their bedding materials oftenUse exhaust fans in the kitchen and the bathroomPlace an open box of baking soda on a surface to rid a room of smellsAvoid using scented products such as deodorant, and odor-masking air fresheners which will contain toxic chemicals an open box of baking soda on a surface to rid a room of smells

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are intended to remove unwanted pollutants from the air to provide clean quality air. Pollutants that can affect air quality in a home fall into the following categories:

Particulate matter: Includes dust, smoke, pollen, animal dander, tobacco smoke, particles generated from combustion appliances such as cooking stoves, and particles associated with tiny organisms such as dust mites, molds, bacteria, and viruses.Gaseous pollutants: come from combustion processes. Sources include gas cooking stoves, vehicle exhaust, and tobacco smoke. They also come from building materials, furnishings, and the use of products such as adhesives, paints, varnishes, cleaning products, and pesticides.

Both particulate and gaseous pollutants cannot be removed by a single air filter. Particulate matter is removed by High Efficiency Particulate Air filters. The HEPA filter is the most effective filter in removing 99.97% particulates 0.3 micron or larger. Gaseous pollutants are removed by using Activated Carbon filters. Carbon filters are designed to trap smoke, odors, chemicals, and gases from the air. Activated Carbon filters are rarely used alone to purify air, and are often used in conjunction with a HEPA filter to remove the larger air particulates. It is important to make sure the air purifier you are purchasing does not emit any ozone gas. This is a hazardous gas that can cause adverse health effects.

Air purifiers alone cannot solve bad indoor air problems. Removing pollutants at the source and stopping the problem before it begins is the most effective way of enjoying quality air. Air purifiers prevent old air from continuously circulating around the home and helps produce fresh contaminant free air. 

outdoor Air pollution
utdoor air pollution can be defined as the presence of solids, liquids, or gases in outdoor air in amounts that are injurious or detrimental to human health and/or the environment; or that which unreasonably interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life and/or property. 

An air purifier is a device which removescontaminants from the air in a room. These devices are commonly marketed as being beneficial to allergy sufferers andasthmatics, and at reducing or eliminatingsecond-hand tobacco smoke. The commercially graded air purifiers are manufactured as either small stand-alone units or larger units that can be affixed to an air handler unit (AHU) or to an HVAC unit found in the medical, industrial, and commercial industries. Air purifiers may also be used in industry to remove impurities such as CO2 from air before processing.Pressure swing adsorbers or other adsorption techniques are typically used for this.

2016-09-23 05:20:37

Advanced Bunny

Pankaj Singhal | from mobile


the best is to use air purifier now days as all other means out of ur hands I already use philips air purifier  but itz very huge and bulky well mi introduce small and compact purifier step ahead of others and itz cheap too
2016-09-23 05:24:14

Pro Bunny

Aakash sisodia | from mobile


for indoor pollution i must say that u have to use air purifier but if u dobt have use less things which produces air pollution like LPG.instead of LPG u can use electrical cookers and for outdoor u can use mask or hanky to cover ur face
2016-09-23 05:49:44
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