Xiaomi announced another eco-chain product for the car category. The XiaomiMi Smart RearView Mirror comes with almost the same design as its predecessor, but some key features are improved. However, the price remains the same – 999 yuan ($158)


Like the first-gen Xiaomi Mi Smart RearView Mirror comes in black, but unlike the previous 8.8-inch touchscreen, it sports a 6.86-inch display with a resolution of 1280×480 pixels.

Its predecessor came with a great 4-in-1 cooling system with a fast thermal protection, while the silica gel helps the process to be implemented faster. Plus, it uses graphene to increase the cooling area. The new model adopts a newer system that leads out the internal heat via the copper. An aerospace aluminum material is processed into the unique thermal wings to greatly increase the cooling efficiency. However, but the needed slots, interfaces, and the speaker, there no other opening on the body.

One of the main changes in comparison to the previous model is the camera. If the latter was using an OV 1 / 2.9 high-performance image sensor at a large unit pixel size of 2.8 um, the new Xiaomi Mi Smart RearView Mirror is packed with a Sony IMX291 image sensor that is capable of capturing anything even in low light condition. This sensor uses 6 sets of full-glass spherical lenses. Each of them has 9 layers of coating. It comes with a large aperture of f/1.8 and 150 ° large wide angle.

However, the ADAS system comes pre-installed. The latter supports FCW (Forward Collision Warning), PVS (Preceding Vehicle Starting), and LDW (Lane Departure Warning). It will save the video before and after the collision. We can even watch the videos in the rearview mirror as well via a mobile APP in real time. What we love more is the wake-up emergency system.

It also supports front and rear double recording and reversing camera functions, which can clearly and comprehensively observe the road conditions behind the car and give the driving process more safety protection.

As we are dealing with an AI mirror, it’s logical the Xiaomi Mi Smart RearView Mirror supports voice command. Besides simple operations such as increasing or decreasing the volume or capturing videos and photos, you can give ‘smart’ commands such as ‘I would like to go to the nearest airport’ or ‘play the latest song of Maroon 5’. By the way, this mirror has a huge amount of media resources including radio stations and music.

What makes the Xiaomi Mi Smart RearView Mirror really attractive is the software it runs on. The previous model came with an integrated high-German map made for cars. It supports a variety of destination query. This map can switch to display mode and change the routing strategy easily. Now the manufacturer has added an automatic camera parking function. The mirror automatically takes photos when parking and sends them to the Mi Driving Assistant app to help you find your parking space faster. Say you can send a request to your friend via WeChat, and once he/she finds a corresponding parking space the mirror will plan the route to it automatically. Plus, the Xiaomi Mi Smart RearView Mirror can connect the Mi Home App. So once it’s done you can control your Xiaomi Smart Home appliances remotely directly from your car.

This amazing car mirror will go on sale on April 3.

Source :Xiaomitoday